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With the rapid development of digital technology and the rising trend of globalization, how to use technology to facilitate language learning and social interactions has drawn the attention of many researchers and industries in the field of e-learning. Topics including machine translation (e.g. Google Translate), natural language processing (e.g. Apple’s Siri), robots which communicate with humans, mobile-assisted language learning, immersive AR / VR for language learning, game-based language learning, big data, linguistics, etc. have drawn much of the world’s attention in recent years. This conference offers a platform for international cooperation and sharing knowledge across fields. With the sharing of innovative, interdisciplinary and various topics, keynote speeches in particular fields, knowledge exchange between local and domestic and international researchers, this conference aims to maximize the potential of the TELL group of researchers.


The 1st Pan-Pacific Technology-Enhanced Language Learning(PPTELL2018) conference will be hosted by National Taiwan Normal University. PPTELL2018 will focus on the following six topics. Through interactions with the experts in particular fields, this conference promotes not only the interdisciplinary and international cooperation between universities and industries but also the development of thriving industries in TELL.


Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence/Robotic technology in technology-enhanced language learning

Topic 2: Augmented reality/Virtual reality in technology-enhanced language learning

Topic 3: Mobile computing technology in technology-enhanced language learning

Topic 4: Big data and learning analytics in technology-enhanced language learning

Topic 5: Game-based language learning

Topic 6: Intelligent assessment and evaluation in technology-enhanced language learning